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Flowers of Distinction to Express Condolences and Commemorate Wonderful Lives

Same-Day Service in Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights, Astoria, DUMBO, Williamsburg and Long Island City

We are ready to help wth perceptively and beautifully designed flower arrangements to comfort family members, friends and corporate colleagues in the loss of loved ones. Our designers understand and appreciate the deep sensitivities of these moments. We are respectful of sacred and ethnic customs, and present tasteful and elegant sympathy flowers NYC. Nearly everything in our online store is available for same-day and next-day delivery, and our service extends to larger pieces that are available by custom telephone order. Because of the high caliber of many of our larger pieces, we often are called upon for orders to celebrities, VIPs, and gifts from corporate senders. No matter what the need or price tier, we strive to create looks that are extraordinary, timeless and genuinely unforgettable.

For custom funeral and memorial service orders including baskets, sprays, easel sprays, etc. please call us during business hours at 212-206-0750

Our frequently served locations include Frank E. Campbell, Riverside Memorial Chapel, Walter B. Cooke Funeral Home, Greenwich Village Funeral Home, Andrett Funeral Home, Redden`s Funeral Home, John Krtil Funeral Home, Gannon Funeral Home, Peter Jarema Funeral Home, Provenzano-Lanza Funeral Home, Perazzo Funeral Home and others located within our delivery territory. No matter what your preferred color palette, texture or design style, we offer a range of options and few New York City flower shops can match our quality.

`Clients can be sure to receive arrangements that are nothing less than sophisticated and elegant.`

"Founded in 2009, this metropolitan mecca of all things flourishing has built an impeccable reputation based on their seamless delivery and magnificent designs."



Extraordinarily Peaceful and Elegant Flowers Styled Especially for Memorial Services and Funerals

A sensitive and intuitive designer`s touch makes important quality enhancements to so many flower styles across the spectrum. But nowhere is this more key than when creating condolence and sympathy floral arrangements. Understanding ethnic and religious customs, working with a high level of nuance and deeply understanding the feelings present in the moments during which these gifts are presented can make an enormously important difference. Effortless style and timelessness are the inflections apparent throughout our collection, no matter whether your selection leans modern or classic/traditional. We custom design high-end sprays and easel sprays in premium flowers and colors to your specifications. All of these looks encourage viewers to take a step back from daily life to reflect and be comforted by their soothing and elegant appearance.

Graceful and Unforgettable Silhouettes Featuring the City`s Finest Orchids, Roses, Peonies and Calla Lilies

New York City`s finest sympathy flowers begin with carefully selected blooms, purchased fresh from market early each morning. In the hands of our highly rated floral designers, these elements come together to form remarkably beautiful looks for memorial services and funerals. A range of aesthetics are featured within our collection, going from strong structured shapes to softer textural pieces that are superabundant and free flowing. The steady constant within all of these is absolutely the finest blossoms with a special emphasis on calla lilies, orchids, roses and peonies. A palette of rich and nuanced whites is trending in this category, and also softer accent tones, often in sophisticated pastels. Recognizing the highly personal and individual nature of color preferences, we often are able to make custom adjustments to the exact shades included in your order.

Next-Level Design and Tastefully Elegant Memorial and Commemorative Pieces in Modern and Classic Looks 

Guided by an unerring sense of tastefulness and tact, our creative team also works to offer next-level design ideas that genuinely move forward the art of creating condolence floral arrangements. Imaginative reworks of the classics and seriously chic new styles can be found throughout our online flower shop. We truly endeavor to be the best florist NYC and continuously offer one-of-a-kind pieces of supreme elegance that are unlike any others. Appropriately graceful lavishness distinguishes our larger tribute pieces, many of which are focal points and undeniably impressive. The attention to detail and high level of embellishment can`t quite be captured in words but genuinely are moving and apparent when viewing these luxury blooms in person.

Quintessential Sympathy Floral Arrangements that are Comforting and Tasteful with Overtones of Luxury

The formal look of New York, NY`s finest roses is unquestionably the gold standard for high-end funeral flowers. They are perfect as floral odes and homages, and our designers have a well-developed inner understanding of just how far to take larger styles without ever going too far or over the top. Baskets, sprays and easel sprays of uncommon beauty feature amazing patterns and colorings with proportions and symmetry that are equally satisfying to the eye. We take pride in the five-star reviews we have earned on Yelp and Trustpilot and we place special emphasis on our luxury condolence collection which includes many looks that are true originals from Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design. Whether traditional or contemporary, you can be assured we will deliver the finest quality every time.

Carefully Selected Coloration and Textural Balance that Communicates the Highest Regard and Sense of Appropriateness

Never content with the status quo, our creative team continuously challenges themselves to stay ahead of the curve with trends and newer approaches. This forward thinking and ongoing design research allows us to offer you aesthetically beautiful and oftentimes unconventional styling. Especially if you are planning a memorial service or flowers to be sent in tribute to a well-known person highly regarded for uniqueness and individuality, we can help with new ideas and fresh thinking. Specifically, this means tasteful and appropriate looks that are impactful personal and meaningful, but never eccentric. Cleaner and more modern monofloral pieces that clearly and succinctly display individual species of blooms also are abundant in our portfolio. If you are remembering and paying respects to an avowed modernist, these can be especially ideal selections.

Exclusive and Iconic Styles that are Evocative of Character, Personality and Individuality

Exclusivity and uniqueness are assured when you place your order with us because we design and hand craft everything in house. As an independent local florist based in Manhattan, we are well-known for high-end sympathy flower delivery NYC with the highest level of quality and freshness. We work hard to achieve unparalleled levels of aesthetic beauty and take all of our looks to the next level. Special requests and custom pieces are available and we always to try to add something extra in addition to what was requested. Universally iconic blooms are often mixed in garden style and textured pieces that effortlessly achieve a renowned level of contemporary elegance. Freedom and choice are eternal priorities and our online store is wide-ranging in choices but consistent in offering only luxurious alternatives and suggestions.

A Celebrated Collection that is Well Rounded Flexible Enough for a Variety of Settings

Nearly all of our styles include more blossoms than usual whether these be peonies, calla lilies, tulips, orchids or roses. Several exceptional pieces are perennial stand-outs and one of the most dramatically distinctive is Simply Chic. Often sent in sympathy, it features an astonishing eight stems of phalaenopsis orchids in a flowing natural arrangement. It has styling that epitomizes the finer things in life and is a wonderful gesture to send in memory. Expensive pieces such as this cost a bit more, but are memorable and easily can be worth it in the long run. Other out-of-the-ordinary options include white roses in a number of unique displays as well as some of the finest calla lily arrangements available from anyone in the Tri-State area.

Same- and Next Day Delveries to Most Major Chapels, Funeral Homes and Prominent Parishes on Fifth Avenue and Lower Fifth Avenue

When things occur suddenly and time is of the essence, we offer prompt service with same and next-day condolence arrangements. Our scheduled deliveries serve the areas near Frank E. Campbell, as well as St. Thomas Episcopal Church. St. Patrick`s Cathedral and First Presbyterian Church. Also, our floral designers are familiar with all of these interiors. Therefore, in addition to your preferred colors and aesthetic, they understand how to add finishing touches to make your order even more meaningful and appropriate for each location. Personalized attention and a caring team help us achieve a level of quality and compassion that have become our trademarks. When a need arises, we are ready to help you send the finest and most thoughtful bouquet imaginable.

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For the best NYC sympathy flowers, we are your resource for tasteful and memorable design, If you have questions or need further information, please contact us using this Online Form or call 212-206-0750.