Flowering Orchid and Succulents | Taller Cylinder Terrarium

This impressive tall sustainable terrarium with a blooming orchid plant a stand-out. It is an out of the ordinary way to bring the beauty of nature indoors.  Sustainable and smart, it is the ultimate New York City plant gift for hipsters and skeptics.
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Tall Cylinder Terrarium | Sustainable
Blooming Orchid & Succulent Plants
A Larger Terrarium | Elegant Gift Choice

Sustainable and Highest Quality | Why Not Spend a Little Extra on Something Nicer?

Sustainability is yours without sacrificing an ounce of beauty when you send this taller style high-end terrarium. It is a lush and distinctive plantscape of succulents and the nicest blooming mini orchid plant. Creative add-ons such as the elegant yellow flower make this a Gabriela Wakeham Floral Design exclusive. As we do with all other sustainable plants, our designers go out of their way to source the healthiest and heartiest. We are known for upscale NYC terrariums and deliver promptly. This is another style that works equally well for corporate or personal gifting. Also if you are stuck about what to send to a man, this could be a perfect solution.

A Flowering Orchid Plant Combined with Better Styling and Luxury Elements Make this a Great Selection

As New York NY florists, its not as often that we have an opportunity to give living plants the spotlight, and its why this tall terrarium is a staff pick for best gift. The footed clear glass cylinder planter has a look of modern refinement which we also love and highly recommend. Moss is included as the base material for yet another luxury element in this beautiful and balanced composition. The terrarium plants can be longer lasting with easy minimal care, best achieved by placing a single ice cube at the base of the orchid plant whenever the moss bed feels dry to the touch. It really is as simple as that!