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Exceptionally creative rose design available in New York City with two-dozen red roses. An impressive beveled mirror vase adds to the element of beautiful surprise. New, romantic and luxurious are great ways to describe our Heart Roses.
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Heart Roses - Charming, Elegant
Available in Three Color Choices
A Gabriela Wakeham Exclusive

Looking for a More Interesting and Unusual Way to Send Romantic Roses?

Every fine floral arrangement has its own unique story and our fun and unusual Heart Roses are no exception. This is a contemporary look inspired by a theme of romantic personality and charm. It`s a great option for loves both new and old when you want to say `I love You` with flowers. As part of their continuous work to propose fresh ideas incorporating the red rose, our designers often explore alternative styling. In this case its based on contrarian plays of length and shape. Whereas traditional rose bouquets are tall and flared, this one is cropped short and styled long and low. Heart-shaped fiddleheads make a further candid visual statement bringing home the point that these flowers definitely are about love.

The Red Rose in Fun, Unique Styling that also Retains the Essential Formality

One of the other amazing features about this style is its higher level of embellishment thanks to a premium beveled mirrored rectangle vase. The lines and angles of the mirror sections reflect not only light but also the vivid red tone of the high-end roses above. The combination truly is a one-of-a-kind rose arrangement sure to win the heart of your special person. Also if time is a concern and you have decided to send Heart Roses on the spot, they often can be available for NYC same-day flower delivery. There is no doubt that roses are the floral standard bearer for love and romance and here is a chance to order them in an elegant and innovative way.