Joyful and Regal | Christmas Candy-Cane Striped Amaryllis

Here is a great idea if you need to send extravagant Christmas flowers in NYC. Our enormous and tall red and white striped amaryllis arrangement is sheer holiday gift opulence. Towering above the rest, they are lavish Christmas flowers like no others.
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Super Tall Designer White and Red
Candy-Cane Stripe Amaryllis
A Joyful and Modern Luxury Gift

Tall, Perfectly Colored and Elegantly Modern | Without a Doubt, the Best Christmas Flowers

Nature`s most amazing homage to Christmas and the colors of the season. The finest candy-cane striped amaryllis are wildly popular as a luxury floral gift at holiday time. With our designers` focus on modern single-flower styles, this one is among the most unforgettable as a stand-alone piece. The ability of these blooms to project a Christmas look with no alteration whatsoever is uncanny. Their red-and-white striping has a built-in Season`s Greetings appearance. Both corporate personal senders flock to these at holiday time, and everyone who receives them gives raves and five-star reviews. A complete focal point size, you can`t go wrong ordering this one.

Candy-Cane White and Red Stripes and a Commanding 18-Inches in Height | Great for Gifts

Few floral arrangements achieve a height of approximately 18-inches, but these Christmas amaryllis stand both tall and beautifully. Their dark cylinder vase has a sleek look and contrasts eye-catchingly with the distinctively textured blooms above. If you`re looking for holiday floral arrangements, here is absolute perfection. Upscale varieties with unique striping for this moment can be challenging to find, but these fit effortlessly into any moment mindful of snowflakes and Santa Claus. Even better, they are utterly tasteful and refined with a look that is as high-end as they come.