Orchid Plants | Our Best White Single-Stem Phalaenopsis

Highest quality white blooming orchid plant. Modern and superb elegance without spending a lot. Sustainable and longer lasting, great suggestion for architects, filmmakers and fashion designers. Delivered same-day in New York City it`s a no brainer.
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Premium White Orchids | Sustainable
Single-Stem Phalaenopsis Plant
Popular Corporate & Personal Gift

Many New York Florists Feature Orchids Plants | Here is One that is Much Better

There is no doubt that our larger sustainable orchid plants are all-time client favorites. But this recently added single-stem size is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. Its generous and cascading white blooms are simply beautiful in any New York City setting. If one of the hallmarks of modern design theory is to strip away all excess and embellishment to reveal the essential form, then this upscale plant is a flawless representation of modernism. Delivered in a futuristic black-cube planter, the overarching theme is one of tastefulness and sophistication. Sending orchids same-day for corporate needs is an easy no brainer, and they are appreciated as contemporary personal floral gifts equally.

Carefully Selected Blooming White Phalaenopsis Plants that are Genuinely Higher Quality

A lot of flower shops in New York, NY offer orchid plants but we go out of our way to source the finest. Our entry-level pricing may be higher than others, but if you splurge on something nicer chances are it will work out better in the long run. Also if you already have sent cut flowers to the same person a number of times, exploring a bit and switching things up with a living high-quality orchid plant can be an inspired choice. Branching out with new looks and ideas is sure to win the attention of your special person, and these orchids are among NYC`s finest and heartiest. This up-and-coming single-stem size can be a sweet surprise, and better still plant gifts are completely suitable for both women and men.